Remote Desktop Support

TNConnect is committed to your online experience. We now have the ability to provide remote desktop support if you are having issues with any of our online services. This service, with your permission, allows TNConnect support to view your computer’s desktop and assist with any problems.

Let us explain how this service works:

Download the TNConnect QuickSupport

  • Save the file to a known location
  • Run the QS file – This will not install anything to your computer
  • Give support the ID and Password supplied by the client – This ID and Passsword is unique to this session
  • TNConnect support and only TNConnect support will be able to view your computer’s desktop to assist with any issues
  • Delete the file – Once TNConnect support is finished the QS file can be deleted

Since QuickSupport for Windows does not install any software to your computer and no one can access your computer without your permission.

For your security no one from TNConnect Credit Union will ever contact you requesting access to your computer.