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Make a Payment

At tnConnect, we want to make it as easy as possible for our members to make payments on their loans. We have provided multiple options to help you with that process.


We have a variety of ways that you can make payments online or even automate your payments!

  • Funds transfer through Online Banking
  • Funds transfer through BillPay (either at tnConnect or another financial institution); these can also be automated where you don’t have to do it every month
  • Make payments online for a nominal fee* with your debit card. Simply click the “make a payment” button below. *Payments via your debit card include a fee of $7 per transaction. **Credit card payments no longer accepted.


Our members can always make loan payments at their local branch from their savings, checking, or joint accounts.  We also have a convenient night drop when you need to make a payment after hours. You can also mail your payment if stopping by a branch isn’t convenient for you. Or you are welcome to use one of our Shared Branching partners to make a payment in person if that is more convenient.

Over the Phone

You can call the Credit Union at (865) 688-2424 and make your payment at anytime. We can make a transfer from your savings, checking, or joint account. And for a nominal fee, we now accept payments over the phone via your credit or debit cards. You can also use our PAL line to make transfers from your savings, checking or joint accounts. 1-800-598-8985.