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Waggin' Cents Pet Program at TNConnact

tnConnect understands that pets are part of the family, and you want the best for them. Pets are wonderful companions, but owning one is a big responsibility that includes a financial commitment. Not considering grooming, accessories, or toys, simply feeding your pet can be very expensive. See more on the expenses of various dog food brands here.

That’s why tnConnect created Waggin’ Cent$, a pet program designed especially for our members with 4-legged family members. In today’s economy, pet owners need all the help they can get to properly care for their pets. The program consists of a savings account to help save for pet expenses. Waggin’ Cents also offers reduced-rate loans for unexpected expenses, such as major vet bills.  It also offers Pet Insurance through Healthy Paws.


This account (on the member’s savings account) provides a specific place to set aside money for expenses, such as annual vet fees or pet medicines. Funds can be allocated to this account via payroll deduction, making budgeting easier on the member!


It is estimated that 1 in 3 pets will require unexpected veterinary expenses each year – tnConnect wants to help with these unplanned, and often expensive bills. Our reduced-rate pet loans offer 24 months to repay – we believe this is a better alternative than financing offered through your vet’s office.


This sweet beauty is Stella!  She is a 4-year-old rescued Lab/Pit mix, and has the sweetest personality you will ever see….but that’s not to say that she doesn’t like to let her hair down at times and cause a ruckus—after all, her favorite hobby is chasing squirrels, and considers it her mission in life to free the world of those pesky critters!  Understandably Stella’s favorite song is Crazy Train, and she is constantly asking her fur friends as they pass by if they could help.

As she is rarely still, Stella loves the outdoors where she can “do Zoomies” for hours and is testament to the potency of doggie vitamins.  Stella’s favorite movie is Caddyshack, and she totally sympathizes with Carl Spackler—she dreams of the day when he finally catches the elusive gopher!  Stella’s mantra that she recites each day is “I am licensed to kill squirrels by the government of the United Nations.  One must know their enemy, and in this case my enemy is a squirrel.  And a squirrel will never quit—ever.  They’re like the White Walkers—Squirrel Walkers.”  So, it’s no surprise that Stella’s favorite vacation spot would be anywhere in the woods where there are plenty of squirrels to chase!  Stella has a broken tail that crooks when she goes on point, which doesn’t bother her any—she knows the direction of those pesky varmints!

When she tires of terrorizing the local squirrel population Stella hangs out with her fur sister Zoey and is very protective of her family.  Stella loves to give mouth sugar, almost as much as she loves to go on car ride adventures.  She is just an overall Good Girl, and her family loves her very much!

Stella Lumadue

Interested in submitting your pet for our Waggin’ Cent$ Pet Spotlight?  Submit your pet here.