TNConnect Checking

Five different account options. Select the account that fits your needs: 

E-volve Account

The E-volve account package is designed especially for the member who prefers electronic services and the convenience of having their finances at their fingertips.  The account includes Rewards credit and debit Cards, plus free online and mobile banking, eStatements, and bill-pay. 

Premier Account

The Premier account package is specially tailored for the more traditional member who enjoys dividends, rewards, and online conveniences but still writes checks.  The account includes Rewards credit and debit cards, free online banking, and unlimited check writing.


Earn points every time you use your TNConnect Rewards VISA debit card. VISA Rewards comes free with E-volve and Premier checking accounts. Points are accrued every time you use your card, and then those points can be redeemed for merchandise, travel, gift cards or even cash to be deposited directly into your TNConnect checking account! Members can also apply for a Rewards credit card and points will be combined between the debit and credit card accounts.

  • Earn 1 point for every $3 in signature-based purchases
  • Earn 1 point for every $5 in pin-based purchases
  • $2,000 in FREE Common Carrier Insurance when card is used to purchase fares on planes, taxis, buses, trains, etc.

Legacy Account

The Legacy account package has no minimum balance requirements and unlimited check writing with no per-check charge.  Rewards credit cards are available, along with online and mobile banking, and eStatements. 

Liberty Account

Liberty account is designed to help members who may have had financial difficulties in the past.  By paying a minimal service fee monthly, members will have access to a debit card and unlimited check writing each month. 

Overdraft Services

Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection services apply to all transactions and may help prevent overdrafts by automatically transferring funds to your checking account from another share, another account, or line of credit you may have at TNConnect.  Finance charges apply to lines of credit. Please note that overdraft lines of credit are subject to credit approval.

Standard Courtesy Pay

Standard Courtesy Pay allows you to overdraw your account up to the disclosed limit for a fee in order to pay a transaction. Standard Courtesy Pay applies to checks, ACH – automated debits, recurring debit card payments, bill pay and teller window transactions.

Extended Courtesy Pay

Extended Courtesy Pay applies to all the Standard Courtesy Pay transactions as well as ATM transactions and everyday debit card transactions.

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 Direct Deposit

Making deposits into your credit union account is automatic when you sign up for Direct Deposit or Payroll Deduction.  These two free services let you have some or all of your net pay, retirement, or government issued checks electronically deposited into your account, whether you can make it to the credit union or not!