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IRAs and Certificates

Invest in Your Future


Start saving today for your retirement years with an IRA Accumulation Account or an IRA Certificate. Traditional and Roth IRA accounts are available both as accumulation accounts or as 30 month certificates. A minimum balance of $1,000 is required to open an IRA Certificate; however, with an IRA accumulation account, a minimum balance of just $25 is required. IRA certificates can have the same terms as our traditional certificates.

You can also start saving for the college years with our Coverdell Education Savings Accounts. Anyone can contribute to this child’s educational fund; however, the total annual contributions for each child cannot exceed $2,000. A minimum balance of just $25 is required.

All IRA accounts are insured with NCUA for up to $250,000 regardless of any other deposits at tnConnect.


Enjoy higher dividends for your savings with a certificate from tnConnect. These accounts offer a fixed dividend rate for a fixed number of days, ranging from 3 months to 4 years. Rates vary according to term. A minimum opening balance of $1,000.00 is required. Please check with a tnConnect representative for current rates, terms, and conditions. 


The Minimum Opening Balance and the Minimum Balance to earn dividends is $1000.00 for all certificates. Any term of certificate may be opened as an IRA Certificate.
Tailored Certificate – 3 month0.75%0.75%
Tailored Certificate – 6 month0.75%0.75%
Tailored Certificate – 9 month0.75%0.75%
Tailored Certificate – 12 month2.25%2.27%
Tailored Certificate – 18 month2.25%2.27%
Tailored Certificate – 24 month2.50%2.53%
Tailored Certificate – 30 month2.50%2.53%
Tailored Certificate – 36 month2.75%2.78%
Tailored Certificate – 48 month3.00%3.04%
* APR = Annual Percentage Rate
Last modified: November 11, 2023